Email Template

For those interested in emailing the Municipalities directly, a list of contacts and email template for your convenience.

Chief Administrative Officer, Michael Duben,
Director, Gordon Hough

Mayor, Aina DeViet
Councillor, Wayne Shipley
Deputy Mayor, John Brennan
Chief Administrative Officer, Michael Di Lullo
Director, Arnie Marsman

To all it may concern, 

It has come to our attention the recent behaviors of Hillside Kennels Animal Control who is under contract by the Municipality of Middlesex Centre and Municipality of Oxford County.

Hillside Kennels Animal Control has engaged in the following activities;
- Breaking Provincial Law in order to illegally obtain ownership of a family pet. 
- has manipulated information provided to authorities in regards to an investigation by lying
- Initiated and incited slanderous campaigns of attack against owners on more than one occasion, resulting in threats of physical violence and harm against the owners.

There is an established pattern of behavior Hillside Kennels Animal Control displays that abuses their power, and takes advantage of the average individual that is not aware of their rights as pet owners. 
Regardless if the information is posted online on Hillside Kennels, (Tracey Gibson), or members of their staff (Cassia Bryden), hidden and/or deleted afterwards, it is direct reflection on the Municipalities that they are contracted by. There is a firm belief within Hillside Kennels Animal Control that they cannot be held accountable and can continue with impunity, this is inherently untrue. We are aware that your offices have been contacted on several occasions about their previous misbehaviors and misconduct. Hillside Kennels Animal Control is a business first and foremost, the unprofessionalism displayed and taken toward the community members that they serve, can not and should not be ignored.

We strongly encourage you to take the appropriate steps to ensure that this behavior not be allowed to continue. If the Municipality of Middlesex Centre and the Municipality of Oxford County are satisfied with how Hillside Kennels Animal Control abuses their powers, breaks provincial laws intended to protect animals and owners, and unprofessional behaviors, it speaks volumes about the people elected to make those decisions on behalf of the residents.

Please be aware that as this situation becomes more publicly known, you should anticipate an influx of emails.
We thank you for your time, and appreciate your effort to have this matter resolved.
Thank you.
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