Conflict of Interest

Hillside Kennel’s staff member, Cassia Bryden launched attacks against the breeder on her personal page, which in effect was really just a continuation of what was happening on Hillside’s business page on Facebook.

Cassia had taken offense that the breeder had mentioned in a story on Instagram that Sato Saved would be the rescue that Asap would be going to, simply stating that it shouldn’t be happening as the 72 hour stray hold had not even expired yet. The breeder did not accuse Cassia of stealing Asap, she did not say anything slanderous toward Cassia or Sato Saved, she did not provide a direct link to Sato Saved or Cassia pages on Facebook. Cassia however took this as a personal attack against her and posted this information about the breeder. Cassia directed her friends to go over and leave comments.

As a direct result of this action you can view a summary of the attack that took place against the breeder.

Because Cassia acted in such a manner, she brought even more unwanted attention to herself. The breeder and her supports began looking into who Cassia was and what was found was raised some very serious and valid questions. Questions asked of Cassia, that have still not been answered.

As the breeder has extensive knowledge of the behaviors of Dogo Argentinos, the first thing that was discovered was that Cassia has been know to euthanize dogs that she can not train. There is no reaching out to other agencies that may have been try other techniques or methods of training or addressing behavioral issues that dogs may be having. Dogs are not concrete and firm, and there is no one method fits all dogs. The breeder had every right to be concerned about this, while Asap has his obedience training it really uncertain how he will be after his recovery from this trauma.

But it brought up very interesting points. Cassia Bryden is Veterinary Technician working for Hillside Kennels doing Animal Control. What is her formal training or certifications in obedience, rehabilitation and behavioral training? This is important, particularly if one is euthanizing animals indicating they can’t be trained.

Shelters and rescues having to deal with an outbreak like Parvo-virus is actually quite, normal. It is the nature of the business in that sooner or later it is likely to happen. However, it still does not make it any less concerning when you know a severely injured animal is about to enter that situation.
We bring this up for many reasons. One to address Cassia’s followers and for people who donated to this cause. Who stood on the argument that the pups came to her with parvo. These pups did not, and Cassia told this with her own words. She got the pups at 3.5 weeks old, at 9 weeks old they developed Parvo. That was almost 6 weeks in her care. The incubation period for parvo is 3 to 7 days. That ends that discussion.

When a dog is on a medical stray hold, it needs to be a OMAFRA inspected facility. Is Cassia’s home OMAFRA inspected and approved?

But what people also did not notice in Cassia running this fundraiser is that she did it on her personal page. This was not done through Sato Saved. We are not entirely sure if that would have made any difference. To Facebook it would have, because in order to run a donation or fundraiser as a Non-profit organization, one has to be registered as a non-profit organization. There is absolutely no indication that Sato Saved is a registered charity of non-profit organization. In Cassia’s own words, she operates a privately run home and foster based rescue.

Attacking owners of dogs publicly on her Facebook page is does not appear to be a new thing for Cassia. In the above images, Cassia is speaking about BSL legislation, her views on it and how that affect American Bullies (first 2 images), the rest however is an attack against the owner 2 of 3 American Bullies that were picked up by Hillside Kennel Animal Control. This writer cannot (and has no intention to) verify if these “claims” are true or not, however given the amount of lies that Cassia has directed at the breeder of Asap, one could safely assume a good portion of the above essay is not true.

However, why is this even a matter of having to be believed or not. The fact of the matter is Cassia Bryden, works for Hillside Kennels Animal Control, and is breaking any confidentiality and privacy rights of those who would be clients of Hillside Kennels. Regardless if they are pet owner who has lost their animal or there to adopt. Being contracted by Oxford County and Middlesex Municipalities, forms of government, I am certain there would be conditions applied about the business and it’s staff being able to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

One last and final point to make here. It would be considered a point of Conflict of Interest, when the owner of a rescue is employed at a pound that gives them free access to an abundant inventory. This is exactly how it sounds. Cassia is the only person that would have motivation in seeking ground for keeping animals away from the owners/families. She is in a position of power and authority that she can use to benefit herself. This absolutely should be looked at.

I’m sure Cassia is a wonderful person, and I have seen that she has done some good work. However, as wonderful as she is, it still does not excuse the behavior and conduct she has repeatedly displayed.

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