Asap La Casa De Fuego – but just Asap will do.

Parents, Florian La Rosa De Inca (Sire), who came from Slovokian house La Rosa De Inca and Fortuna Niks Vella Rika – aka Russia who came from the Russian house Fortuna Niks. Both Florian and Russia come from award winning lineage, with Florian going on to win some of his own titles in Canadian conformation showings.

This breeding wasn’t accidental, a great deal of research was done by all breeders involved, and the pairing was matched and approved by Fortuna Niks and La Rosa De Inca.

On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, 2018 Asap was born. He was part of a single litter for La Casa De Fuego, officially known as the “A” litter. As the litter grew, the breeder set about finding responsible homes for all of the pups with the exception of two, Asap and his brother Armshouse. It took just over a year to find these homes with responsible ownership for this breed. Asap’s littermates found homes in Canada, the United States and in Cuba. In keeping Armshouse and Asap she had hoped to continue doing conformation shows, but Asap was not meeting breed conformation standards and Armshouse’s personality was not suited to do conformation, but better suited to do other things. And that was ok, they both were more than ideal family members. Asap was the confidently curious boy in the litter, always inquisitive and intelligent. Like so many Dogos, he is eager to please his people and loves all the affection and love he can get. Quick to play and quicker to jump into hugs. Asap was serious about his tasks, but a total goof-ball about every thing else.

In June of 2020, there was an incident of aggression between Asap and his sire Florian. It was recognized that the two would need to be kept separated. No, intact males were not just wandering around a house and given that opportunity. All of the dogs are kennel trained and the brothers were being kept from the Sire by this time. It was decided that the breeder would allow her ex-partner (who had co-ownership of the litter) to take Asap and prepare looking for a new home for him. The ex-partner took on the responsibility of rehoming, and was to keep the breeder appraised of that rehoming with who and where. Having knowledge of the re-homing process with the eight other pups, ensuring documentation was in order and microchipping was done, the ex-partner failed to do any of this.

When Asap was located in such horrible condition, the breeder instinctively did what any responsible breeder would do…she stepped forward and attempted to get him back home and to people that love and cherish him. She to this day, is still the only person that Asap knows loves him that stepped forward.

To find out more about Asap and his family you can find them here on Instagram.

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