Why we are doing this

On November 5, 2020, a breeder was notified of a post from a local group who works in reuniting animals with their owners indicating the dog was being held at Hillside Kennels Animal Control. She instantly recognized that the dog, known as Asap, had come from her litter. It should be noted that the dog in question was found in horrible condition, and suffering from severe life threatening injuries if left unattended. The breeder was extremely concerned for the well-being for Asap as he was a member of her family until he was allowed to be taken by his co-owner in June 2020. She immediately contacted Hillside to get more information on his condition and the steps in how to get him back.

In speaking with Tracey Gibson of Hillside Kennels, they initially advised her that they would not be able to discuss the matter with her citing privacy, as she was not the owner. It was quickly established by the breeder providing unique identifying features specific to Asap, that it was him and was acknowledged by Hillside. The breeder told Tracey, that she allowed her ex partner to take Asap, as there needed to be separation between Asap and his Sire since there was an incident of aggression between the two. The breeder was advised at that time, that Asap would be taken to the emergency veterinarian, and the steps to get would be waiting until Wednesday of the next week, to allow time for the stray dog hold to pass, and that she would be able to proceed getting him as an adoptable, provide proof of ownership, (contracts, medical history with vet, pedigrees and any registrations) that she would have to pay vetting fees, pound fees and neutering. All of these conditions were agreed to at this time. There were further communications in which Hillside called to update on the seriousness of his condition, including “stab” wounds (this would later provide a point of contention as it is still unclear what the actual injuries are), a medical reaction that he had to a sedative that was given, a collapsed lung and an infection in his hemothorax. Another call to request his name and the spelling of his name. Remember privacy restrictions?

The following morning the breeder called at opening hours of Hillside Kennels, in which Tracey answered, to get updates to Asap’s condition and further instruction of how to proceed and any other steps she can take. Tracey indicated that Asap was fine and was expected to make a full recovery. It was immediately after that point that Tracey indicated that they would not be returning the dog to her because she was not the owner and they were not going to put him in the same situation with his Sire. Tracey was advised at this time, that he would not be in the same situation and he would be recovering with a family member. The breeder was taken aback by that and the new hostility that was being presented. The breeder expressed concern over this and her other concerns as well. The first was information she had obtained in tracing where Asap had been and in how he ultimately wound up in this condition. It was specifically requested by the breeder that if the breeder provided this information and any new developments would they assist in initializing an investigation with the proper authorities. The breeder was told, “No”. Hillside expressed no desire or concern in pursuing an investigation to find/locate the persons responsible for doing this harm to Asap.

The second concern was for Asap’s recovery yes, but ultimately his rehabilitation, and the ability to address any trauma that may result of what happened to him. Hillside was told at that time of the concerns, and that the breeder does have access to resources to obedience and behavioral trainers from people and groups that she works with. Hillside advised it didn’t matter, Asap would be going to their trainer, “Cassia wants him”.
At this point the breeder recognized what was happening and opted to not further the conversation at that time as to avoid any chances of further hostility. The breeder opted at that time to thank Tracey for her time and terminated the call. Ending the call, also meant she needed to start looking immediately into what her options were.

In less than an hour after the morning conversation, Hillside Kennels made a post on their page indicating that they renamed Asap to Marvin, that they were still looking for his family or owner, and starting a fundraiser to address his ongoing medical concerns. Under Provincial Law, any pound is bound legally to hold any animal as a stray hold for a minimum of 72 hours. This part of law is meant to protect pet owners and animals, giving the owners the ability to acquire their pets. A pound, kennel or shelter can only obtain control/ownership of the animal in hold, if an owner surrenders their pet or after the minimum of 72 hours have passed and an owner has not claimed the animal.
Hillside broke this Provincial Law by claiming ownership for him.

The breeder immediately responded to that by saying that she would be calling back again because she is the owner and family, and asked why they we acting as though no one was coming forward.
Hillside responded to that inquiry, by launching a slanderous campaign against the breeder. The initiated, incited and perpetuated an onslaught of lies and misinformation about the breeder.

Which brings us to the point of this site.
While Hillside Kennels played an active role in a campaign against the breeder, they also continue to do this in a manner that they think they can get away with. Regardless if it is directly on their pages or on the page of a staff member who is known to work for them, they are a business first and foremost. Saying they are not responsible for what their staff does on their page, absolutely means nothing when they are engaging on it there too. It is completely inappropriate and extremely unprofessional to behave in the manner as a business. Hillside Kennels Animal Control is a business, that is contracted by several municipalities to serve the community.

This behavior caused the breeder to have some very troubling concerns over who exactly had possession of Asap and their intentions. A search on Google presented a disturbing pattern of how Hillside Kennels Animal Control treats the members of the communities they serve. While they attempt to negate and remove the evidence of their behavior, those acts have been documented, captured and recorded. They are going to be presented here. Just because Hillside Kennels have deleted full post and comments, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. And they are still continuing with this behavior.

Regardless of your views on the matter, if you think the owner should get Asap back or not, does not take away from the fact that Hillside Kennels has broken at least one provincial law, changed narratives to support that breaking of the law, proof that they have lied to the municipality and to Ontario Provincial Police, abusing their position of power and trust. Stay tuned…more to come.