We are extremely motivated in seeing that Hillside Kennels Animal Control be held accountable for their treatment and actions toward the citizens and animals in the communities they serve. There is a consistent pattern that can be seen of Hillside Kennels abusing their power and working directly against those that have rightful ownership to their animals. By lying to those that they hold contracts with, such as the municipalities and lying to authorities such as Ontario Provincial Police, and taking advantage of the average pet owner who is not aware of their rights, Hillside Kennels actively and with great intention manipulates cases to allow them to retain the animal for profit.

In these acts Hillside Kennels breaks Provincial Laws that are intended to protect the rights of pet owners claiming their animals. Claiming ownership based on judgements that they have no jurisdiction or control over. Eg of this are, lack of microchipping, claims of animal abuse.
Specifically in terms of abuse, they are not the correct division in animal law to make these decisions. They can hold an animal in these cases, but they certainly can not make any decisions based on it. Cases of of suspected abuse fall under the OSPCA and humane societies.

Furthermore, there is a degree of professionalism that is expected from a business that services a community. Hillside has initiated, engaged and incited smear campaigns that perpetuate lies and misinformation against owners in order to control a narrative that denies the rights of the animal owners.  This speaks to the level of professionalism displayed by Hillside Kennels, and is a direct reflection of the municipalities that they are contracted with.
Once they have accomplished this, they remove the engagement and their direct activity in it, to conceal their misconduct.

There is a wealth of information out there regarding Hillside Kennel Animal Control’s behavior and conduct that is searchable. It is understood that people will be upset when their animal is captured and held, and they are responsible for paying any fees associated with getting their animal back. However upon researching you start to see there is a distinct pattern in how Hillside Kennels operates.

How can I help?
Sign the petition. The Municipality of Middlesex Centre and the Municipality of Oxford County currently hold contracts with Hillside Kennels Animal Control. Hillside Kennels break Provincial Laws that are meant to protect owner and dog. If these Municipalities are ok with Animal Control breaking Provincial laws and behaving in a very unprofessional manner, it speaks volumes about the people elected to make those decisions on behalf of the residents.